An ISO9001 Accredited Company.

Who is The China Clothing Company?
The China Clothing Company is a  contract manufacturer strategically located in the U.K. specialising in producing textile products in China to serve the U.K. and European market.

Why is China so important in textile industry?
With its entry to the W.T.O., China is becoming a dominant world manufacturing base. With low cost labour & fast development of infra-structure, it is predicted that by the year 2015, everybody in the world will wear a garment made in China. In 2002, China's export increased by 30% to a new high.

Why should we do business with your company?
Every part of a manufacturing process is important for producing a quality product. With our presence at  factory level, we can monitor the manufacturing process on your behalf and ensure that important details are adhered to in the original design. We maintain regular contact from the manufacturing floor with our customers.

What is the advantage of doing business with your company rather than any other suppliers?
The China  Clothing Company has been trading with China for many years. With its vast experience and cultural background, we offer our clients incomparable services. With a single point of contact in the U.K., you can manage the production of your products with the same ease as from a U.K. manufacturer.

What is the minimum order quantity of a particular product?
The minimum quantity depends on the individual product from 1000 pieces/colour upwards.

What is the lead time for a production run?
About 12 weeks from the sample approval to the final delivery to your warehouse depending on the individual product and availability of the fabric and trimmings.

What about the importing/exporting documentation and quota administration?
We handle all the export documentation from custom entry, vessel booking in China and clearance at the U.K. port. We include the quota in our quoted price.

Do you hold stock of your products?
We hold stock of certain key product lines to supplement and back-up our existing customers.