An ISO9001 Accredited Company.


The maintenance of a safe and health working environment and compliance with applicable regulations and the standards are of the utmost importance to the successful operation of The China Clothing Company . That is why the safety and health of our employees and the protection of our assets and productive capability of our facilities are all considered fundamental to our day-to-day operations.

We believe that health and safety must be an integral part of every task and must be given the highest priority. No job is so urgent and no work is so important that we cannot devote adequate resources and time to do it safely.

To achieve our objectives, it is essential that employees be trained in work procedures consistent with applicable health and safety standards. However, each employee must be constantly alert to his or her personal obligation to observe safe operating procedures, and should report any unresolved problems.

The continued cooperation of all personnel is required to support and sustain an effective health and safety program. Members involved are the most important part of our safety and health program.


The company recognises the importance of protecting the environment, and is fully committed to complying with the requirements of all relevant legislation, particularly the Environment Protection Act 1990. It is Management Policy to do all that is reasonable to:

  • Achieve and work to the highest environment standards in all our activities;
  • Use all resources as efficiently as possible, in particular making the most economic use of all materials, energy and water, and to minimise waste in all parts of the business;
  • Include environmental consideration in investment decisions;
  • Liaise with our supplies and customers to persuade them to adopt similar environmental standards;
  • Assess regularly the environmental impact resulting from our operations and keep ourselves fully informed of recognised best practices.

Employees have a duty to co-operate with these objectives:

  • By working safely and efficiently and in an environmentally friendly manner;
  • By using specific equipment provided, following instructions and by meeting statutory obligations;
  • By reporting or communicating any incidents and ideas that will assist the company to initiate further improvements to its policies and working conditions.

The Directors are responsible for the overall implementation of the companies' policy on the environment. The Directors have taken on the role of overseeing the Companies Policy, and of advising management and employees on environmental matters . All employees have the responsibility of ensuring that activities under tight control conform to the legal requirement, and that the appropriate environmental standards are achieved and maintained.

A copy of this policy statement will be issued to each employee. Employees have a responsibility to ensure that the Company complies; not only with the legal requirements, but with the achievements of the policy, and their active involvement is encouraged.


At The China Clothing Company, our priority is to meet our customers' needs. We strive to provide relevance, timeliness and consistency in all our daily operations. We regard all Members, policy-making bodies, partner organisations and the public whom we serve as our customers.

Customer service standards


Employees of the company will be educated to the service standards of the company; will exhibit customer friendly service skills; and be knowledgeable, professional and courteous in meeting the needs of our customers.


All information gathered or held regarding the personal or business affairs of our customers will be held in strict confidence, for the sole use of the company in meeting its stated objectives. No information will be released to members, partner organisations, or any other third party in a format that allow identification except with the express ed consent of the provider or as may be required by law. The China Clothing Company does not sell lists to third party marketing organisations.


As part of its commitment to upholding professional standards, the China Clothing Company has implemented and constantly reviewed policies to ensure that its operations guidelines is consistent across all customers, members and partner organisations.

Handling complaints

The China Clothing Company seeks fair, just and prompt solutions when possible to any complaints and appeals. All such issues should be directed to the Secretariat in the first instance, where they will be acknowledged and directed to the attention of the appropriate person.

Consultation and Feedback

Consultation is an important part of meeting our objectives. The China Clothing Company conducts regurlar surveys of the needs and perceptions of its customers, using the feedback to enhance its service. Information about our company and its work, and the product and services is available and regularly updated on our website at